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It’s been like a year…..Literally.

Clean Up Time!

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Ahhh, I remembered the password!

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The End 

Ladies and Gentlemen, you all know the truth now. After month of playing, the truth behind the mystery surrounding Travis Rum’s death is concluded. With that, I believe we can safely say that It Boy RP is done. The characters are now closed, joining is not an option. We ask that canon bios not be taken to new RPs, but you can play on your account for however long you want, there’s nothing to stop you. 

Admin A will be on at a later date, I’m sure, and if he has anything to add or change, this message will be added to or changed or edited. Keep that in mind, please. 

Happy Roleplaying, lovelies. I’m sure our paths will cross again in the RP world soon. I hope you had fun. 

—Admin r2

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Anonymous asked:

Hey, I noticed alot of ooc post. It's not a problem or anything but I thought I let you know that there's this kewl this that some rp blogs do where they make a side blog group and let the players join and allow all the ooc to happen there only. It helps out alot and it helps by keeping a steady and coherant communication between the admins and the players. I just thought I'd suggest the idea to help you guys out some. It boy is amazing and you guys are going an awesome job :)

Thank you so much, sweet Anon. We will definitely look into making an OOC blog!

-Admin Ro

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Welcome to It Boy.

This is the current Masterlist.  

Follow everyone on this list. If you aren’t on it and are part of the game, message the main.

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You have 24 Hours to contact the main if you wish to keep your account.

People Close to being Unfollowed (4-5 days of inactivity):


Today is an activity check. If your account has been inactive for one week or longer, it will be assumed you’re no longer interested in the game and you will be on the Unfollow List which will be posted tonight at around midnight EST.

After the Unfollow List, I will post a link to the updated Masterlist.

Contact the main if your account is posted for Unfollow and you wish to hang on to your character. 
Those who are unfollowed and do not contact the main within twenty four hours of the Unfollow List being posted will need to re-audition for their characters.

- Admin Ro 

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Activity Check Tomorrow 

Accounts that have been inactive for one week or more will be determined inactive and active members will be asked to unfollow them.

If you wish to keep your inactive account, you must contact an admin. If you fail to contact us by the end of the day tomorrow your character will be reopened and you will have to reaudition.

Additionally, if you are interested in the roles of Kaiden Reese or Jonathan Weiss, contact Rochelle on Amir

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Anonymous asked:

I can't find the rules. Um what page would they be on?

In the Navigation

Here are the Rules

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Anonymous asked:

Is it possible to ask players to keep ooc conversations off the dash? I understand the occasional post like "brb" or "I'll be off this weekend" or whatever. But having a long back and forth convo ooc about nothing related to the game is annoying.

No Problem. Seeing as how I (Admin A) am guilty for this. I understand how that can be annoying so, let’s cut it down.

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Christian Loveless // 35 // VP of IBM // Cillian Murphy // TAKEN

Christian Loveless grew up in Ireland with next to nothing. His father was useless, his mother was a drunk, he had one older brother who took care of nothing, so he quickly became the sort of person who does things for himself. He learned fast and hard that if he wanted something, he needed to take it. He also learned quickly that people are easier to push around than they believe they are and that being in charge might be a lot of responsibility, but it’s also a lot of power. 

He clawed his way up from his home to become a fashion editor in London and from there moved to New York where he, again, clawed his way up. VP is a good position for him. He doesn’t want all of the responsibility of running the magazine, but where he is now gives him plenty of power. He has a lot of respect for rules and many decision that can go through Lucas or Magnus are often trusted to him. He took Travis Rum’s death as an offense to the magazine, and therefore him, and subsequently wants the murderer caught and punished. although he hated the boy too.

Personality (Cold | Domineering | Straight-forward)

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Christian Loveless, IBM VP


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