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Murphy Botwin // 24 // Model // Adam Levine // OPEN

Just over four years ago Murphy’s band was a big hit around the New York scene which is how he happened to cross path’s with Lucas Phelps. When Lucas offered him a job at being a model and possibly a little more Murphy instantly declined proclaiming that music was his true passion. Unfortunately in a turn of events their popularity soon died out and Murphy found himself at the mercy of Lucas. Of course he had to admit that he was wrong in turning him down and pleaded how desperate he was for a job to keep up with his lavish lifestyle. In the end Murphy found himself moving into the agency’s residency and becoming acquainted with the plethora of good looking men. Upon moving in he claimed to be bi-sexual but quickly found himself liking guys with each model he laid his eyes on.

Overall his presence around the agency isn’t one that quite everyone is fond of but most of the time the feelings are reciprocated from Murphy. He doesn’t like to sugarcoat anything for anyone and will tell them point blank what he thinks about them. His opinions are formed mostly on observation rather than getting to know them. At the same time though his looks and experience in the bedroom is something that causes people to overlook his personality. Murphy doesn’t pride himself on being the best looking model or the best fuck around. In all honesty he hates that he works here and wishes he could go back to music instead. The main reason he is so rude to most people is because he doesn’t buy into the model mindset. At the end of the day he wants his money for the work that he has put in and use it to surround himself with things he loves. If someone doesn’t want to sleep with him he won’t accuse them of anything but will make some sort of sarcastic remark in return. 

Since he has been here for a few years he knows that his looks are not going to compare to those younger than him, so he had to find some way to earn extra money just in case modeling became another closed off option. There were rumors going around the agency that some of the models and other employees were beginning to become escorts. The more that he hears about people turning to that option the more appealing it becomes. Ultimately he’s curious about some of the things he would have to do but the money behind it all seems worth it. Of course sex is something he enjoys more than normal people so obviously there would be no problem there. For now though he is trying to see which jobs he can get and hope to create a sense of allure that would propel him into a new frontier at It Boy.

Personality: ( Creative || Sarcastic || Witty || Materialistic )