It Boy Agency
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Mike Busch // 25 // Model-Escort // Aaron Paul // TAKEN

Mike is originally from California, he grew up in a rich family and was sent to the best private schools. He felt stifled by his stuck-up family, and started hanging out with the “bad boys,” rebelling, and shoplifting. His parents sent him away to a boarding school to try to straighten him out, but it only made him want to rebel more. He drops out when he’s 17 and starts living a life on the streets, getting mixed up in drugs and occasionally selling himself to get by. He becomes a fairly prominent player in the California drug business, distributing to dealers who work under him, and manufacturing when needed. Things go sour when a rival drug ring tries to impose, and Mike has to murder two people. Now there are people gunning for him, so he gets in touch with a friend to get him out of town and give him a new identity. He comes to New York to start a new life, but the drug business is all he knows. He’s hired by Lucas as a model, but his real reason for being at the agency is to provide the drugs that Amir deals. He runs the drugs from the manufacturers to Amir and other dealers. He also works as an escort, since Lucas knew hiring him was a risk and wanted to keep him in line.

Personality ( Sarcastic || Street-smart || Secretive || Kind-hearted )